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Date of Birth: October 19, 1990

Place of Birth: Chester, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Height: 5' 63/4" (168 cm)

School: Oak Meadow School, Brattleboro, Vt.

Started Skating:
1993 started skating at age 3 1/2
* See USFSA History

Home Club: Kochavim on Ice, Kiryat Shmona

Training Rink: IceWorks Skating Complex, Aston, Pennsylvania

Coach: Vacheslav Uchitel

Pilates Trainer: Carolanne Leone

Personal Trainer: Jeusus Nieves

My Goals: To get my back healed so I will be able to then train, skate, and compete to the best of my ability. Represent Israel in 2010 at the Olympics in Vancouver, be on the podium, and win a medal!

Favorite Skaters: It is very hard to answer this, because there are many different things I like about so many skaters.

*USFSA Competition History
11/16/2005 Novice Ladies FS 2006 Eastern Sectional Championships
10/18/2005 Novice Ladies FS 2006 North Atlantic Regional Championships
11/17/2004 Novice Ladies FS 2005 Eastern Sectional Championship
10/5/2004 Novice Ladies FS 2005 South Atlantic Regional Championships
10/13/2003 Novice Ladies FS 2004 South Atlantic Regional Championships
12/10/2002 Intermediate Ladies FS 2003 U.S. Junior Championships
10/8/2002 Intermediate Ladies FS 2003 South Atlantic Regional Championships
10/2/2001 Intermediate Ladies FS 2002 South Atlantic Regional Championships
12/13/2000 Juvenile Girls FS 2001 US Junior Figure Skating Championships
10/17/2000 Juvenile Girls FS 2001 South Atlantic Regional Championships

1/11/2006 Junior Free Skating
5/20/2004 Senior Moves in the Field
4/7/2004 Junior Moves in the Field
3/14/2003 Novice Free Skating Test
1/21/2002 Novice Moves in the Field
4/13/2001 Intermediate Free Skating Test
4/28/2000 Intermediate Moves in the Field
8/31/1999 Juvenile Free Skating Test
8/12/1999 Pre Juvenile Free Skating
7/1/1999 Juvenile Moves in the Field
5/7/1999 Pre Juvenile Moves in the Field
1/18/1999 Pre Preliminary Free Skating
1/18/1999 Pre Preliminary Moves in the Field
1/18/1999 Preliminary Moves in the Field
1/18/1999 Preliminary Free Skating Test
5/16/1996 Preliminary Dance Test
5/16/1996 Dutch Waltz
5/16/1996 Canasta Tango
5/16/1996 Rhythm Blues